Paula Deen and the n-

I hate the n- word. I don’t use the n-word. Still this hysteria about Paula Seen and the n-word is ticking me off.

1. I am sick to death of this poltical correct crap. I am sick the hypocrisy exhibited by the small soiled brainless liberal idiots that pee down their legs every tine the hear an imagined insult to the African American community or to the homosexuals. Sick of it. Low life brain dead idiot liberals hollering at this incident have said much worse about conservatives, southerners, Christians. In fact no one can be as filthy or ugly or mean ornasty as a liberal. Example? Tea baggers. Nuff said. Next tine you run into one of these freaks, kick him in the … Yeah. Right there.

2. I am finished listening to any African American or any liberal hollering about anyone using the n-word as long as that word is used in rap. Clean that mess up. Until then sit down shut up.

The n-word is ugly. Its history is ugly. Everyone needs to stop using it. EVERYONE.


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