Utah football coach suspends entire team to build character

This high school football team coach suspended all 80 team members of his team.

He had learned that his team members were skipping classes and being disrespectful to teachers.

He also learned that members of his football team were bullying other students.

After a football game he made every member of the team turn in their equipment and their jerseys.

The next morning at 7 o’clock in the morning there was a meeting. The coach told them they would have to earn their way back onto the team by proving they were worthy to be football players for this school.

Now they do community work.

Not only is the coaches behavior remarkably courageous, but also the team members behavior is remarkable. They are taking the punishment without complaining. They are meeting the requirements necessary to get back on the team.

More remarkable still to anybody said anything to do with the public school system is the behavior of the parents. This story doesn’t mention anything about angry parents.

High school football team disbanded and no angry parents? That’s a miracle of God.

I commend the the football coach. This is going to be very good for those young men.




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