Obama in Wonderland

This article is a must read for thinking people. I am going to post some quotes, but the entire article is important.
I would recommend making the American Thinker website a part of your daily reading.

From the article:

“Many people criticize President Obama for spending too much time campaigning,traveling or on the golf course. They are wrong. He spends too much time in a far more removed and unique place: Wonderland. Indeed,he seemingly lives in Wonderland.

“The problem is that the rest of us live in the real world.

“Over the last five years it has becoming increasingly clear that Barack Obama and his crew of handpicked officials see America and the rest of the world in ways at variance with reality.”

“We have heard President Obama say that ObamaCare would not add a dime to the deficit,people would be able to keep their doctors,premiums would not rise — and in many cases would be cheaper than a cell phone bill — all demonstrably false;the rollout of ObamaCare is not going great with some minor ‘glitches’ due to the high demand,it is a train wreck and the demand,such as it is,has been pathetic. ”





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