Meanwhile,the DOJ’s War on School Vouchers Continues

Eric Holder’s DOJ has sued Louisiana. Why?

Louisiana decided to do something about the poor education the poorest of their residents.

The families with the lowest income have been granted education vouchers. When these low income families were given a choice, they left the failing public schools of their neighborhoods for private schools.

Keep in mind that these are the poorest of the poor. Don’t liberals claim to be all about helping the poor? Don’t liberals claim their policies are designed to lift poor people out of poverty? Its those mean and nasty and ugly conservative that want to keep poor people poor, right?

Isn’t it the Liberals who say a child should have the very best education possible no matter what the race the child is? Liberals are first to claim that a good quality education is the answer to poverty in this country. It is one of the main excuses they use to throw more money at the public school system. Liberals complain about how the school systems in poor neighborhoods fail the people in that neighborhood.

Well here is an opportunity in the state of Louisiana to correct this problem. These parents, low income parents, were given the opportunity to keep their kids in the public school system or use a voucher to put them in a private school.
They left the public schools.

The children of the parents who chose the private school system have been rewarded with children who are doing much better in school. The reading and math scores of these children have dramatically increased. This experiment of Louisiana has been a success.

Liberals who love the poor more than anybody, liberals who care more about the poor than anybody, liberals whose job it is to protect the poor because nobody else will, are happy with these results, right?

NO! Not a bit of it!

Our very liberal Attorney General has his department suing the state of Louisiana.

Here are some quotes from the article.

” Why has the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Louisiana? Answer: Because they seemingly want to challenge the state’s highly successful voucher program,thus forcibly returning hundreds of low-income,minority children back to failing schools.On what grounds,you ask? The WSJ explains:

“As part of its efforts to boost educational opportunities for disadvantaged children,last year Louisiana enacted the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program. The statewide program provides tuition vouchers to children from families with incomes below 250% of the poverty line whose children otherwise would attend public schools that the state has graded C,D or F. This year, roughly 8,000 children are using vouchers to attend private schools. Among those,91% are minority and 86% would have attended public schools with D or F grades.

“Attorney General Eric Holder argues the program runs afoul of desegregation orders,which operate in 34 Louisiana school districts. By potentially altering the racial composition of those schools by taking minority children out of failing public schools, the Justice Department asserts the program “frustrates and impedes the desegregation process.” It has asked a federal court to forbid future scholarships in those districts until the state requests and receives approval in each of the 22 or more cases that might be affected.

“C’mon.Ironically,does the DOJ not realize that keeping kids in failing schools in the hopes of facilitating the “desegregation process”(more than fifty years after the ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education,mind you)is devastating low-income families,in part by preventing their children from escaping a life of poverty and having access to a great education?”

Well if Eric Holder is suing Louisiana for school vouchers, he must have a good reason, correct? I mean after all liberals care about the poor.

Why is Eric Holder suing the state of Louisiana to stop that successful without your program?

Hold on to your seat for this one.

Eric Holder is suing Louisiana over its school vouchers program because, according to Eric Holder, it impedes desegregation and changes the racial profile of those failing schools.

Yeah, you read that sentence correctly the first time. Minority children leaving public schools means there are less minority children in public schools. This makes the public schools look bad because they have fewer minority children. I kid you not.

You see, of the 8000 children taking part in this venture experiment 91% belong to a minority.

Yes indeedy. Our liberal Attorney General wants to trap the poorest children of Louisiana in their failing public schools because it won’t look good if black childern start going to other schools.

Now who’s the racist here? Is it the government of Louisiana whose main concern is getting an education for low income children, or is it out our African American attorney general who is worried that too many black people might leave the ghetto schools changing the racial makeup of those schools?

Now I can hear some of my readers saying, How can you assume that this all has to do with race?”

This quote from the article answers that.

” The Department of Justice is suing to return 570 of these children tofailing [sic]schools,claiming that a school’s racial make-up is more important than providing opportunities for students. For example,the Department of Justice argues that six African-American children should be returned to a failing elementary school,to change the school from 29.2 percent to 30.1 percent African-American. ”

There you go. Cannot have those black kids leaving their ghetto schools to go to a good school where they can get a decent education. Just cannot have it. It will change the percentage of black children to white children in the public school. Besides that if a child gets an excellent education he might not vite Democrat when he becomes an adult.

But of course the only thing liberals care about is what is best for minorities and poor, right?

Well this Republican state is trying out a program to improve the education for low income students. And it has been working. It’s the liberal federal government that is suing this state to stop this program because it looks bad. It changes the percentages of how many black students are in certain schools. And by gosh, we can’t have that, can we?

Hypocrites and liars.


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