Confessions of a News Junkie

I have a confession to make. I like news. I like news sites. I like checking these sites so often that sometimes I worry that I spend too much time at it. I also like to share and discuss the stories I find on the sites. I also enjoy blogging. Let me list a few the places I am found online, and a few the places I like to check online.

I will start with the new sites. There are a few news sites I check almost everyday.
I am not listing the regular sites like ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX. Everyone knows about those. I did not list MSNBC because this propaganda machine shields the biggest bunch of hypocritical lying lowlifes that have crawled out of the dark. I have not listed many liberal sites because I despise liberalism, nor do I like many liberals.

Here are the news sites I check.

Drudge Report


American Spectator

The Daily Caller

American Thinker

The Blaze

There are a few places I like to post news stories to share with others. Most of them are just a place to share. Some of the sites are places where you not only share stories but discussing with others if you want.




I have two blogs on which I post news stories and many other things I happen to enjoy.

Ozark Overture at WordPress.

Under the Ozarkian Stars

There are a couple of other places I go to discuss current events and or Christianity. I post links to new stories on those.

Delphi Forms


I post to Twitter but not a lot. Nor do I get a large response from Twitter. I don’t have much of the following on Twitter.

My Twitter

How much time do I spend doing this? That depends entirely upon the day. I do very little of this on Sunday. I do a whole lot on Monday.
It also depends upon what is going on in the world. Right now I’m having way too much fun with the I told you so stories about Obamacare. I could say that during the Obama care debate but there wasn’t any debate. Obamacare was rammed down our throats when we wanted it or not. And the Speaker of the House at that time, Extraordinarily stupid anymore a woman, I told the nation that we didn’t need to know what was in Obamacare. We would find out what was in Obama care want it was voted in.

Conservatives voiced legitimate concerns. The liberal media the liberal politicians called us liars and racists and bigots. They said we were greedy and selfish and did not care about the poor. They said that all we wanted was for four people and old people to die.

Well Obama Care has been passed. We are seeing what is in it. And guess who was right all along. I am posted those stories. Gleefully.


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