Obamacare’s Three-Step Cancellation Program or Yes, Virginia, There Really are Death Panels.

Hey liberals
Yoohoo liberals
All you liberals who called conservatives liars
Over here liberals.
Do you remember when conservatives told you that Obamacare would include a committee that decided who would receive health care and who would die?
Do you remember when conservative said that Obamacare included a panel that would decide that you’re too old to receive this expensive cancer treatment or this expensive heart treatment or dialysis.
Conservatives are liars you said.

Oh no that cannot be true you said.


From the article;

“Step three in the Obamacare Cancellation Program will eliminate the most costly element in the whole healthcare system: you,collectively known as We The Patients.”

“ACA’s Independent Payment Advisory Board — IPAB,Sarah Palin’s “Death Panel,” recently renamed HTAC,Health Technology Assessment Commission — is meeting right now in secret (if they are following the law). In 2014,they will declare some medical treatments Cost Effective and others Not Cost Effective. The latter, obviously the expensive ones,will not be authorized for payment and therefore not available to 99% of the American populace.

So,if you are a member of We The Patients with a very expensive medical problem,especially if you are older (however defined by IPAB),you will be cancelled, meaning you will not get treatment and you will die. Whether it is some non-famous 71-year old (not Dick Cheney) who needs a heart transplant; a
60-year old who needs dialysis at $10,000/month; or a 50-year old with lymphoma who needs chemotherapy that only has a 75% chance of curing the patient,you die. You are too expensive. You get cancelled.


Cancelled? What does that mean?

It means that this Obamacare appointed the panel can and we’ll decide that your medical needs are way too expensive for the government to bear. You will be cancelled. You will not receive the needed healthcare. You will die.

Remember the woman in a town hall meeting who asked Obama about a heart treatment for her 80 year old mother? Obama responded to that woman by saying there needs to be a time where we just give them the right kind of pill and let nature take its course.
Yeah here you go.


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