It is the Day After Christmas

It is the day after Christmas and I am pleasantly exhausted.

I am usually very happy when Christmas is finally over. Christmas starts too early any more. When I was a kid you didn’t see Christmas decorations out in the mall or Walmart until the day after Thanksgiving. Now everything goes up the day after Halloween and Thanksgiving is just a stepping stone on the way to the BIG DAY.

Now by the time Christmas finally happens I have had it with Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Christmas celebrations, Christmas cookies, Christmas television shows, Christmas movies, Christmas presents and Walmart shoppers. Normally I enjoy all of those things except perhaps the Walmart shoppers , but I am plum worn out with the whole mess by December 26th.

My family did have an extraordinarily pleasant day yesterday. My mother, who once again said she’s not going to cook as much as she did last year, cooked enough to feed our entire family and a third world country. I helped her out with this. My mother wanted some appetizers and finger foods to Todd everybody over until a big meal, Christmas dinner. We have enough appetizers to make a meal then we had Christmas dinner and then the woman, God love her, laid up dessert. Even the teenage boys in my family could not stand up to the challenge.

We thoroughly enjoyed our aunts and uncles, the nieces and nephews and all the new babies. Good family friends added to our enjoyment of the day. It was just a good Christmas Day with much laughter and much eating.

That not my husband and I went to church where our pastor preached on the power in the name of Jesus. That sermon was a real blessing. It was a shouting sermon. It answered a few the things that I had been working on in my mind.

It truly was a lovely Christmas Day.

Now I’m looking forward to New Years. I like the new year. My husband I don’t celebrate New Years Day the way I did before I was born again. Praise God my days of getting drunk and acting like an idiot have been gone for almost 30 years. That is just one of the many things from which the Lord Jesus Christ has set me free. My husband and I will have a nice evening at home New Years Eve. New Years Day, we will be going to church. Happy happy.


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