The Twelve Days of January and the Weather

January 1st is almost upon us. Starting on that day and for the next 11 days I’m going to keep very careful watch on the weather. I will even keep notes.

There is a reason. My great grandfather told us that the first 12 days of January would tell what kind of weather we are going to have the rest of that year.

It is an old wives tale and a fun one.

This is how it works.

In my area of the world, temperatures for January are mid forties. If on January 1st, it is 40 something degrees, the month of January is just going to be normal weather with normal temperatures. If on January 1st, the temperature is higher than normal, then its going to be a very warm January. If January 1st the temperatures is in the 30’s or the 20’s then I know we’re going to have a very cold January.

January the second is going to tell me what February is supposed to be like. If the temperature is in the 40’s, then February will be normal temperatures for February. But if January 2nd is in the 30’s or 20’s, we’re going to have a very cold February.

That’s not all. If January 3rd has snow then look for snow in March. If January 4th is a wet day then April will be a wet month. If January
5th is sunny, then May is going to be sunny and dry.

If January 6th is 50 or above with rain, then June will be warm and wet.

Tothe the people I work with and me this is a fun wives tale. We have been keeping track of the first twelve days of January for the last two years. We can pair of those notes to what the weather is like each month. It is pretty close.

We are going to do it again this year. I will add those notes to this post. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all lines out.


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