Love to Crochet? This Site is for You.

I love to crochet. I have been crocheting since Nanny, my paternal grandmother, taught me when I was a little girl.
Hey year ago I found this wonderful crochet site. You can connect with other people who love to crochet, Join all kinds of groups and clubs in forms of other people who love to crochet, participate in challenges, And find all kinds of unique gorgeous crochet patterns. It is a lot of fun.


My site with my projects and the groups to which I belong is


One of my favorite groups is The 2014 BAM CAL, Crochet a block a month in 2014.

The goal of this group is to crochet at least one 12 inch square a month. You can crochet two12 inch squares a month. Many do. Each square is different. The group nominates squares for the group to make that month, they are voted on, and two are chosen. At the end of the year you join the squares and you have a beautiful sampler afghan.

A person can join this group anytime during the year. You can crochet two squares, you can crochet one square, or you can crochet as many of the squares as you would like. All of us post our pictures and share our progress. It is a lot of fun, encouraging, and inspirational. And at the end of the year you have something beautiful.

That is not all.

Afghans & Blankets– the group for knitters & crocheters who love to make afghans & blankets of any size, shape, color.

Dishcloths times 12 – We are more than just dishcloths now, you will find themed and non themed dishcloths to choose from. Not only that, but we will offer other kitchen related cals as well.

Need a little inspiration? This crocheter and this blanket is why I joined Revelry and the group 2014 BAM CAL.

Trust me. You want to see this!

Pink blankets, the blue 2011 BAMCAL, or the cream throw by Maryfariy.

If you love to crochet this is a site for you.


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