Christian Brotherhood an Impeachable Offense; Gay Incest Celebrated

By Robert Oscar Lopez

From the article:

“Just in the last week, in the latest blitz of gay über alles, at the provocation of groups like GLAAD and Right Wing Watch, a newspaperman was sacked in Iowaand an entire show on HGTV was canceled because of editors and two handsome blond brothers adhering to the millennia-old strictures about chastity.”

“If you are a pair of gorgeous brothers dedicating your life to building homes for the poor, but you criticize homosexuality, you must be stripped of your life’s work and publicly humiliated.  But if you are a pair of gorgeous brothers who decide to have unprotected anal sex with each other in front of the camera, the gay community will shower you with praise.”

“Think I’m kidding?  On February 5, 2014, in the very mainstream gay publication Queerty, an article ran celebrating the marvelous fad of “twincest” in the gay community, or anal sex between brothers who, according to Queerty, can enjoy hot sodomy without having to worry about genetic defects, since they cannot get accidentally pregnant and would end up buying another woman’s eggs to make children anyway.”

“Queerty’s paragons of twincest are two Brazilian brothers and twoCzech brothers who made international headlines by declaring their sexual love for each other.  This isn’t hypothetical; gay pornographers were sure to capture both sets of brothers in flagrante delicto, and the photographic images have been published for all the world to see.”

The fact that Brazil and the Czech Republic are both target countries for exploitative pornographers, . . . ”

Twincest? Seriously? How horrible!

Listen, if two large men that glow in the the dark show up at your door who say, ” Are there any others of your family here? sons-in-law or sons or daughters, take them all out of this place; For we are about to send destruction on this place, because a great outcry against them has come to the ears of the Lord; and the Lord has sent us to put an end to the town.”

Go. Do not ask to go to the smaller town near you. Do not look back.

All joking aside, these are last days of the last days.


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