The Left Embraces Blacklisting

I know I am posting a lot, but Christians, we really need to read these articles. We need to be aware.

We are in the last days of the last days.

From the article:

“David and Jason Benham recently had their HGTV show canceled when the blog Right Wing Watchdiscovered that they are Christians (oh, the horror) and are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage (high crimes and misdemeanors, doncha know).  It won’t be long before people who hold these views will be hauled off by PC mobs and stoned to death.  Who knows, one day their children might even be kidnapped and sold into slavery for the simple crime of being Christian or holding opinions that differ from the monsters in charge, holding the guns. ”

“The body count in this war keeps adding up — the Benhams, Brendan Eich, Phil Robertson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Chick-Fil-A.  And those are just the high profile cases.  Countless others — regular people — live in fear of their religious or political views being discovered by their employers, the vendors they use, their clients and patients.”

“At first blush, one might think most of these battles are only being waged in the private sphere, but don’t be naïve.  As we have seen with the IRS scandal, the government is clearly targeting individuals for their views or conscience — auditing them simply because of the political groups they have supported or denying conservative organizations a certain tax status simply because they are conservative. ”

” started by restricting the movement of the Jewish people and their participation in communityactivities.  It wasn’t long before they were silenced and not allowed to congregate. In no time, Jews were summarily dismissed from their jobs at universities, Jewish doctors were no longer allowed to practice, and businesses owned by Jews were forced to close down.  Jews lived in fear of speaking out and practicing their faith and, anyone sympathetic to the Jewish population or devoted to their Jewish friends, lived in the same fear.”

“The high crimes of Europe’s Jewry was simply being Jewish — adhering to a faith that had different traditions, beliefs and values than those designated as acceptable by the ruling party.”

 “We have seen what happens when bakers or photographers who are pro-traditional marriage refuse to work at a gay marriage.  And the outcry against these craftsmen was louder than the outcry for the little girls kidnapped in Nigeria. With judicial enforcement.”


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