Fear Not the Fiery Furnace

From the article:

“As recorded in the Book of Daniel, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are great examples of a faith that runs counter to the culture — even the legal code of the culture, and even when it means facing the harshest of consequences. Though such faith is required inmany parts of the world today, few Americans have ever had to make 
life or death decisions because of whom or how they worship.”

“However, given the vengeance-minded left and their literal lust-driven desire to redefine marriage, kill children in the womb, and the like, more and more Americans are facing, at minimum, harsh financial consequences through fines, the loss of their jobs, the loss of their businesses, the loss of television shows, and so on.”

“Given increasingly friendlyjudiciaries and legislatures that are intent on accommodating the Gay Gestapo, it is likely to become more and more difficult, and the consequences more and more severe, to stand for the truth when it comes to the moral issues facing us today. It will not be enough simply to try to keep our heads above water in such matters — to “live and let live” as some might say. We must either stand against the swelling tide that seeks to remake our culture forever, or be swept away into the sex-obsessed sewers occupied by today’s liberals.”



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