#IfTheyGunMeDown‬ How to not Be Gunned Down

The media sites about the death of young black men in racially tinged shootings. On Twitter, a campaign using the hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown has prompted many black users to post photos of themselves and ask how they might be portrayed in news reports if they became shooting victims.


I have a thought or two on this.

Just disgust me. This entire “if they do gun me down” thing assumes that people are gunned down every day all over the United States of America. Millions of us live happy lives daily and nobody is gunned down. How’s that happening?

This is not a mystery. This is not hard.

How about daily doing the things that keep people from being shot and not doing the things that do? There’s a thought. 

Go to school. Do as well as you can in school. Do not do drugs. Do not screw around. Do not steal. Do not hang around with people who do drugs screw around or steal and rob.

How about go to church, hold down a job, be careful about who your friends are.

Do not fight with cops. Obey the law. Do not act like a thug.

Get rid of the victim mentality. Make something of yourself. Be a leader for good and not a leader that calls for violence. Be a leader that encourages hard work and school and hard work at a job you love instead of a low life that encourages rioting and violence and says stupid things like no peace without justice. How about trying to do that?

I know none of that popular but you know what? People of any race who do those things don’t get shot.

This doesn’t have anything to do with skin color. This as a whole lot to do with culture. Change it. Probably be a good idea if you got rid of that rap music trash that aencourages hatred of women and doing drugs and self hatred. Change of culture. Change your life.

That’s how millions and millions of people don’t get shot.


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