9-11 Thirteen Years Later

This is a reposting of a blog entry I wrote several years ago. I repost it on 9-11.

Never forget.


Who is not thinking about that terrible day two years ago. I was at work at the Independent Living center. At that time I drove Chip Hailey who is blind and a case worker. We were doing quarterly visits, visiting several of his people. I was at my desk getting some of the necessary paperwork ready when my office mate, Shelly Albright, got a telephone call from Marcia, a co worker who was off that day.
I heard Shelly say, “What?”
Her voice caused me to look up at her.
“Marcia said that a plane has hit the World Trade Center. Turn on the TV, —_______,” she said to me.
I went to find it, Some one else, I am not sure who had already turned it on. Shelly and I joined the group of people around the television. Chip stood beside me listening to the broadcast that he could not see. The first tower was burning. I know I was not the only one who thought that it was a small plane that just strayed off course. Who could have imagined what really occurred? Standing there we saw the replay of the second plane.
There were many sharp intakes of breath.
I said, “Oh Chip, it’s a jet. It’s not an accident.”
We stood open mouthed watching that plane strike that building over and over and listening to the frantic voices of the newscasters. Then came the terrible news that the Pentagon was also hit.
Chip and I had to leave to visit his people. We got into the car, Chip looked at me and said, ” I just need to pray.”
I said, “Oh Chip, how many people do you think work in those buildings?”
We prayed out loud as I drove to us to our first visit. It was a lovely lady who has now gone on. When we arrived at her home, her daughter was in the other room in front of the television, She didn’t leave the room to greet us as she normally did. She was staring at the television horrified.
“One of the towers has collapsed,” she told us,
I rushed to see the image. Again I said, “How many people were at work in those buildings today?”
At yet another person’s house Chip and I learned that many firemen died when those buildings came down.
I still remember one of Chip’s people saying to Chip, “Should a man buy a house in days like these?”
My husband was glued to his radio at our business. At church, everyone was gathering for Tuesday school, the homeschool day. It was time for choir practice. The attack must have occurred when most of them were driving to church. They too gathered around a television. Tuesday school was cancelled. Instead they had prayer.
One of my sisters in Christ, Patty, still tells about watching those people jump out of the windows to their deaths to avoid a certain death by fire. I did not see that on the television. I saw that in a still picture days later.
The images are still with me. I still feel anger when I watch those planes fly into that building. I feel a solemn grief when I see the images of the buildings collapsing. I am heart glad for a president of courage and guts and sense. I am heart glad that Clinton was not in office when this occurred even thought I am convinced that this is his legacy to us due to his great incompetence. I do agree with everything George Bush had done, but I thank God he is the president right now.
Who can forget the great courage shown by the men and women on the plane that went down in a Pennsylvania field that day? From now on we well all say, “Where you on 9-11.”
My the Lord great us victory in our war against terror.

Later that terrible day two years ago, I went to the hospital to be with my beloved sister who was going to have a CAT scan to find out about the spots on her liver. I got there too late. I meet her on the parking lot as she was leaving. She told me about what happened at Tuesday school. I shared my experiences with her as was our habit. The next day we learned that those spots were cancer. She died nine months later.


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