Goodbye kitty

Long ago I had a Basset hound named Daisy for eight years. And one day she just disappeared. I have no idea what happened. I’ve never saw her again. I grieved for that dog to a degree that I wondered if it was sinful. It wasn’t. People grieve for animals they are attached to.

I told my husband I never wanted to be that attached to an animal again.

Nine years ago we got this cat. I am every bit is attached to him as I ever was to Daisy. He is full of personality. He’s also a companion cat. He likes to be with his people. He follows me around the house or he did until he became completely paralyzed in both of his back legs and his tail. We don’t really know why. All we know is that this does happen to old cats. He was an adult when we got him.

He is in no pain. He just can’t use his back legs at all. He still spends 90% of his time in bed with me at night or on sitting on my lap or on the couch beside me when I’m at home. Of course I have to move him there or he will drag himself to where I am. He doesn’t appear to be in pain. He sits on my lap and purrs most of the evening just like he used to. He can still drag himself into his litter box but I have to clean him up afterwards. He still eats.

But Friday Wes has an appointment to have him put to sleep. I’ve cried for two days.



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