Unsayable Truths about a Failing High School

This comes under the heading of “Truths No One Wants to Talk About.” Actually it is a truth no one is allowed to discuss under the new politicall correctness  fascism .

We have a problem within the inner cities African American culture that no one wants to face because it cannot be voiced.

Here is just one news story today that addresses that problem.

Unsayable Truths about a Failing High School‌
by Kay Hymowitz
May 23, 2017 4:00 AM



“Students described rape threats, stalking, kids sent back to classrooms after menacing teachers or classmates, teachers walking past fighting kids, security guards looking the other way. The problems, students insisted, weren’t limited to the high school; they remembered thuggery in middle and even elementary school, too.”

“A February survey of CHS teachers had already revealed a school that resembled Lord of the Flies . Cursing, yelling students roamed the halls, pushing, shoving, ramming each other into walls, sometimes “accidentally” colliding with teachers. Thirty-six out of 79 teachers surveyed believed that they were unsafe in the hallways, and those who didn’t acknowledged either being big enough to stare down students or practiced at minding their own business. “What are you going to do about it? You can’t do anything,” “F*** off, crazy old motherf***er,” were some of the choice rejoinders they told of hearing. “If I feel uncomfortable by the language and noise level a student displays,” one teacher wrote, “I can 1) address it and open myself up to insubordination and/or a verbal retaliation for which no consequences will be delivered or I can 2) choose to ignore it which I struggle with ethically because then I feel complicit. It’s a complete ‘no-win,’ and I battle this every day.”

“In 2013, the Obama administration’s Department of Education Civil Rights Division warned school districts that schools violate federal law when they “ evenhandedly implement facially neutral policies and practices that, although not adopted with the intent to discriminate , nonetheless have an unjustified effect of discriminating against students on the basis of race” (author’s emphasis).”

We cannot discuss theses things because to do so will get us labeled as racists.



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