Happy Independence Day — It’s Fun Being The Best Country In The World

I read this today. I found it to be excellent. It was tremendous fun. Allow me to post a few quotes with which I absolutely agree. I would suggest you read the entire op Ed.

Find a liberal and read it out loud to them in the middle of a restaurant with your loudest voice.


“Independence Day is tomorrow, and there’s no better time to remind the rest of the world that America is hands down the greatest thing to ever happen on this planet.”

“So next time some foreigner tells you that America sucks, just remind them that jealousy doesn’t look good on anybody. And for all you self-loathing citizens who think America is the worst country in the world, feel free to put your iPhone down and hop on the first plane to the Middle East. We don’t want you here and we sure don’t need any losers here.”



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