I am a happily married Christian woman who likes keeping a journal online. I express my opinions. I can be sarcastic. I can be funny.

Since the following things are very important to me, you will find entries about them.

1. Jesus Christ–I am a Christian. Have been for since November 2, 1986. I am more than happy to stand for the truth. I do in this diary.

2. I love astronomy. Notice I didn’t say astrology. Astronomy is the study of God’s creation. It is science. Astrology is nonsense.

3. Classical music- I have always loved this stuff.

4. Gardening- One of my favorite ways to spend a day.

5. Southern Gospel Music. I love this. I love the music and the truth it expresses.

6. I read a great deal. I hate horror novels, but I read almost everything else.

7. I live in the country and enjoy long drives down winding dirt roads. I take pictures of what I find.

8. I am a political junkie. I am very happy to say that I am conservative. I am involved.

9. I spend a lot of time on several forums at Delphi.

10. I write. I write fiction and non fiction. I write. Journals are good practice.

11. I am not politically correct. I never will be. I do NOT worry about the speech police.

12. I crochet. I have for years. I love it. I am good at it.

13. I don’t much like liberals.

New Friends

I have had several new people add me as a friend. That’s great, but once in a great while after checking their profiles, I wonder if they really want ME as a friend. Glad to have each and every one.

I just want to warn anyone else who may want to add me. 2012-07-09_18-44-19_671

I am a Christian, a Bible believing, Bible thumping, shouting, praying, Jesus worshiping, God obeying, Holy Ghost lead, tongue talking, FUNAMENTALIST Christian and glad of it. I believe the Scriptures are the inerrant word of the Living God and are for us today. I believe that being born again results in a HOLY life.

Know that before you add me. It you still want to do so, add away.


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